Self-Care Inspiration for Her Heart

Black Women Making History: Art as Therapy for Her Heart

Art is a powerful form of self-care, therapy, and healing. When we see art, we engage our mind, body, and spirit to release the pressures of daily life. The Release the Pressure Coalition is celebrating Black women artists who are creating art as a form of self-love for Black women.

Meet the artists:

Ashley ‘Pinklomein’ Price

“I use art as a safe space to express myself and as a form of self-care by taking the time to fully let go in every piece that I create.”

About Ashley ‘Pinklomein’ Price:

Ashley ‘Pinklomein’ Price was born in Frankfurt, Germany and traveled the world with her family as a military brat. She is currently living in Houston, Texas. As an artist, she is humble, brave, and always seeking the very best version of herself. Her art reflects everyday people with a focus on women empowerment and positive affirmations.

Christa David

“Whether seeing it or making it, art is critical to my resilience strategy. When I’m in the trenches, art is there to soothe me and to offer me new possibilities for living, for thriving.”

About Christa David:

Christa David is a visual artist, writer and researcher. Inspired by the artistic works of Romare Bearden, Wangechi Mutu, Alma Woodsey Thomas and literary works of James Baldwin, Christa David fuses the mediums of painting, collage and assemblage to create and recreate stories about home, belonging, faith, and identity.

Reyna Noriega

“My art allows me to create alternate realities for myself that have all of the necessary components for my peace of mind.”

About Reyna Noriega:

Reyna Noriega is a Miami-based Black and Afro-Latina visual artist, author, and educator who works across a variety of mediums, from graphic design to painting, digital illustration, photography and combining visual art with writing. In 2019, she notably published a collection of poems entitled “In Bloom”. Her multidisciplinary practice is devoted to highlighting and uplifting women and to helping them heal and find happiness.

Sabrina Howard

“In a whirlwind of motherhood and career, creating beauty from chaos is my balance. “

About Sabrina Howard:

Jackson, Mississippi graphic artist and painter Sabrina Howard is impulsive at least that is one way she describes her vibrant and expressionistic portraits that give subtle nods to social challenges and themes.

Tawny Chatmon

“My art was healing me even when I was not aware – I was practicing self-care by creating it.”

About Tawny Chatmon:

Within the past 6 years, Tawny Chatmon has redirected her signature style of ethereal sunlit photography beyond just photography. For more than 16 years, Tawny has been a self-taught artist.  Photographs are the first layer. Thereafter, she often adds overlappings of gold leaf, paint, digital collage, and illustration, creating a new compositional expression.

YoYo Lander

“Art is self-care because art is a resting place.”

About YoYo Lander:

YoYo Lander is a figurative visual artist. Her aesthetic is visceral and expressive. What begins with a strictly defined intent, composition and color scheme is rarely visible in the finished piece. Layers of cut and dyed watercolor paper are strategically placed over rough sketches. Her art explores the essence of people of color.

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